J&K Lakes & Waterways Development Authority


Dal lake is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the northern-most state of India, strategically surrounded by four countries, on the East by Tibet, on the North-East by China, on the North by Afghanistan and on the West by Pakistan. Dal Lake is an Himalayan Urban Lake, located in the heart of Srinagar (Latitude 34o 18’N Longitude 74o 91’E) at an average altitude of 1,583 M. Srinagar is the summer capital of J&K. The top crust of the Lake has also been observed to freeze during winters when the mercury falls to -11o C. Early spring and summers are the wet periods when maximum rainfall occurs and average annual rainfall recorded is 655 mm. It is in this season that the snow thaw in the higher catchment results in maximum discharge in Dachigam & Dara Nallah which inflows into the Lake.

Citizens Charter

Lakes and Waterways Development Authority has been created by the Government of J&K as an autonomous body under development Act, 1970 AD vide Government order No.117 of HUD dated 11.04.1997 to serve a one point agency to look after, Mange and Conserve the waterbodies and Waterways of the state of J&K. World famous Dal/Nigeen Lakes in the city of Srinagar at the moment form the core areas of attention of J&K LDA.

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Dal - Nigeen Lakes

The dwellers who have settled in the Dal lake areas form part of the history of the lake. Walter. R. Lawrence reports in the book: “The Valley of Kashmir” that the half amphibious dwellers on the Dal lake practised cultivation on floating gardens and demb lands in late 19th century and had property rights on the marsh land and related water channels.

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We have tried to summarize various problems and recommendations made from time to time by various agencies starting with the ENEX report (1978) prepared by ENEX consortium of New Zealand.

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