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NIT No.25 of 2017-18 dredging of channels
NIT No.24 of lake div 1st LWDA
NIT No.23 of lake div 1st
NIT No.22 of 2017-18
NIT No.21 sewer of rakh.i.arth
NIT No.20 and 21 sewers of Rakh.i.Arth
Fresh NIT NO:LDII/18 of 2017-18 for upgfradation of STP Hazratbal
NIT No.LDII/17 of 2017-18
NIT No.18 of lake DIv 1st
NIT No.17 of 2017-18
Fresh NIT NO:LDII/16 of 2017-18
NIT NO.LDII/15 of 2017-18
NIT No.16 supply of hard cokes and rejection wood
NIT No.15 of Lake DIv 2
NIT no.14 walkway works of Brari-Nambal Lagoo
NIT No.LDII/13 of 2017-18
NIT No.13 of 2017-18 road works
NIT No.LDII/12 of 2017-18
NIT No.11 Muhram works
NIT No.10 carriage
Expression of Interest regarding comprehensive awareness campaign

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Myth, Perceptions and the Realities

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