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notice for engagement of monitors
EOI for Extraction of Lily Pads from Dal Lake Kashmir
NIT No.08 of 2018-19
NIT No. 7
NIT No.05 of 2018-19
notice for engagement of labours
NI No.02 of 03 of 2018-19 b
NIT No.02 and 03 of 2018-19
Detailed NIT No.1 of 2018-19
Short Term NIT No:LDII/23 of 2017-18
Short Term NIT No:LDII/22 of 2017-18
Expression of interest for supply of Echo sounder
NIT No.27 of lake Div 1st
NIT No.25 of 2017-18 dredging of channels
NIT No.24 of lake div 1st LWDA
NIT No.23 of lake div 1st
NIT No.22 of 2017-18
NIT No.21 sewer of rakh.i.arth
NIT No.20 and 21 sewers of Rakh.i.Arth
Fresh NIT NO:LDII/18 of 2017-18 for upgfradation of STP Hazratbal

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Myth, Perceptions and the Realities

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