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The Authority provides following services"

 Permission for construction purposes:

Government has vested powers to LDA under J&K Control of Building Operations Act, 1988 for regulation of building activities in the local jurisdictional area. Under this activity building permissions are granted to any desirous person by following a well laid out procedure as per the standing norms. The requirements include:-

1. Applying on prescribed application form

2. Revenue documents stating thereon the title of the land owner. The document is prepared by the concerned Patwari and has to be attested by the Tehsildar of the area;

3. 16 copies of building plan duly prepared and authenticated by a registered Architect /Draftsman;

4. NOC from Assistant Commissioner, Revenue regarding title of land;

5. NOC from Assistant Commissioner, Nazool, Srinagar;

6. NOC from Custodian General incase of Evacuee property;

7. NOC from Chief Town Planner, Town Planning Organisation, Kashmir;

8. NOC from PDD;

9. NOC from UEED (S&D) Division;

10. NOC from Collector Land Acquisition, LDA;

11. NOC from Executive Engineer, Lake Division No. 2nd, J&K LDA;

12. NOC from Waterworks Division, Srinagar.

Authenticated Revenue documents as well as the requisite NOCs from various offices are to be got by the applicant himself /herself. After obtaining the revenue documents along with the NOC’s as quoted above, the desirous persons have to deposit the documents with the VC’s office alongwith the prescribed application form. Format of the application as well as the format for seeking NOCs from various offices can be downloaded here:

(Form 1Form 2Format for NOC)

The case is then put up for deliberations before the BPA which meets at regular intervals of 02 weeks app. The cases cleared in the meeting are immediately disposed off by asking the clients to deposit the BP fee which is as under:

For residential houses

♦ Ground floor - Rs.5/Sft

♦ 1st floor - Rs.4/Sft

♦ Second /Attic floor & above - Rs.4/Sft

For commercial establishments

♦ Ground floor - Rs.50 /Sft

♦ 1st floor - Rs.50 /Sft

♦ Second /Attic floor & above - Rs.40/Sft

Fee for compound walling /chain link fencing - Rs. 8/Rft

For Government Hospitals, School Buildings & Urban Local Body Buildings - Rs. 10/Sft /Floor

For Basement Parking - Rs. 10/Sft

Repairs and re-roofing - Rs. 50/Rft

Registration Fee:

For proper permission (pre-revised) - Rs. 310/-

For petty permission (pre-revised) - Rs. 150/-


For places of worship, religious, trusts, there is a concession in the fee which is as follows:- Providing, however, no construction fee except the registration fee shall be charged on account of erection/re-erection of places of worship, religious/social trusts but for erection/re-erection of commercial assets 50% of building fee in vogue shall be chargeable from them.

The building permission granted is normally valid for a period of 3 years from the date of decision in the Building Permission Authority. Renewal is possible only and after obtaining the NOCs as per norms and deposition of BP fee afresh.


Other Services provided by the Organization

1. Sewage Collection:

The Authority through its elaborate network of sewer lines in the form of trunk sewers, lateral sewers and house connections spread over in 07 zones around the lake collects millions of liters of raw domestic sewage on daily basis for treatment through STPs (Sewerage Treatment Plants) augmented by IPS’s (Intermediate Pumping Stations) at various locations. The combined capacity of the treatment plants is to treat 36.7 million liters/day of raw sewage. At the moment no user charges are levied by the Authority. But in the long run some user charges will be levied from every catered to house hold to ensure operational efficiency of this vital public system.

2. Solid waste collection:

The Authority on a daily basis collects about 02 truck/loads of solid waste from the lake body which includes 58 hamlets, 1000 house boats and Shikara’s and open water surface area. A token user charge of Rs.50/month from each house boat is charged on a routine basis.

3. Removal of weeds:

Regular deweeding and skimming operations particularly in spring and fall seasons are carried out by the Authority both by mechanical as well as manual means. Hundreds of man-days of work are created thereon. The benefit of employment primarily goes to the lake dwellers who are one of the important stake holders of the entire conservation and management effort. The removal of weeds ensures the unhindered activities of water sports like Jet Skiing, water cycling, hydrozorbing, Shikara rides. This also improves the circulation of water and aesthetics of the lake which ensures the tourist flow to the houseboats stationed at one place.

4. Catchment Management:

Under this scheme, augmentation strengthening of existing embankments free of cost is undertaken in the catchment area. Free of cost plants with subsidiary equipment is provided to the Orchardists for horticulture purposes. Training and visiting programme activities of the farmers residing in the micro-watersheds is organized freely. 5. Shoreline Development: Under the scheme, beautification of shoreline along the course of Northern Foreshore Road (NFR) from Kralsangri to Hazratbal has been undertaken with a view to provide to the general public a pleasant walk and drive way. The shoreline is interspersed with viewing decks at regular intervals to public to enjoy the serene beauty of the lake far from the maddening crowd. The services provided so are free of cost at the moment.

6. Recreational facilities:

The Authority so far has developed two parks at very entertaining sites of Makai Point and Settling basin. The parks are open to general public at a nominal entry fee. The Authority also proposes to establish a mini zoo, boating club, museum and amusement parks along the NFR to be the near future places of recreation.

 7. Resettlement and Rehabilitation:

The Authority is acquiring the immovable property of the lake dwellers which may be in the form of land/structures. Adequate compensation as per standard norms and practices is provided to each bonafide owner. The Authority also provides at nominal cost plots of size 30` x 50` proportionate to the family strength of the lake dwellers for resettlement in the colonies developed by the Authority. So far 8 such colonies have been developed. The 9th one spread over an area of over 7500 kanals of land with all modern facilities is under development at Rakh-i-Arth where roughly 7712 plots would be allotted to the dwellers.

8. Removal of land masses, Radhs, Floating Gardens:

The Authority subsequent to the acquisition of land /structures of the lake dwellers removes the land mass/structures, floating gardens etc to convert the same into watery surface which adds to the water expanse of the lake. So far (04) sq.km area has been added to the lake water spread expanse and the process is on.

9. Generation of scientific data:

The Authority has an established hydrobiology lab where studies pertaining to the physiochemical and microbiological, zoo and phytoplankton studies are carried out regularly. A wealth of data pertaining to the fresh water chemical and biological studies has been generated so far. The lab also serves as a referral center for carrying out ecological studies of the fresh water lakes to the desirous personnel and institutions. The data generated so also gives information about the lake health to guide the way for future course of action that may be required at a specific period.

10. Removal of encroachments:

The Authority through its enforcement wing keeps a close watch on the possible violation of building norms and encroachments in the jurisdictional area allotted to it. Specific care is taken in the green belt and special demolition drives in co-ordination with police and District Magistracy is carried out at periodic intervals to discourage people from resorting to illegal constructional activity. Watchers have also been deployed in the field to keep a close watch on any kind of violation.

11. Issuing of permissions for carrying of constructional material:

On the basis of the directions of the Hon’ble High Court the Authority through its designated officers issues carriage permissions to the general public and Governmental/Semi Governmental agencies to carry constructional material in the green belt area. These permissions are issued promptly without any charges. A simple application/letter indicating the details of the material alongwith the truck Nos. is required for the purpose. Copy of the building permission issued by the Authority is also needed to be enclosed with the application/letter of request.

12. Public Awareness:

The Authority through its publicity wing organizers public awareness about the Lake, its importance, areas of concern, remedies, its interventions, efforts of the State at conservation through public darbars Seminars, debates, road shows, mass media and personal contact. The results are encouraging. This can be judged by the wide public concern about the lake and its problems/suggestions expressed through media.

Details of customers/clients

a. Contractors (Individuals/self help groups/firms)

b. House boat/Shikara owners/Hotel/Lodge/Restaurant/Guest house owners etc).

c. Lake Dwellers.

d. Agriculturists/ orchardists.

e. General Public.

Grievance redressal mechanism

Anybody can lodge a grievance/complaint regarding any issue pertaining to his/her with any officer ranging from Vice Chairman; Secretary; I/c Subordinate Divisions viz. Superintending Engineer; Executive Engineers, Collector, Watershed Manager, Enforcement Officer. The grievance/complaint may be lodged in writing, verbally, by post; email, telephone, mobile, fixed line, SMS etc. General public is also at liberty to seek any information from any APIO under Right to Information Act by giving details of the information required and depositing the prescribed fee in the manner prescribed under the Act. Once the grievance/complaint is lodged, prompt action is initiated by endorsing the same to the concerned wing for a rigorous follow up action.

Expectation from the citizen/clients

LDA through its concerted efforts endeavors to conserve and manage the twin lakes of Dal/Nageen for the present and future generations. The importance of these lakes from recreation, economic and environmental points is enormous. Given the extent of onslaught, these lakes have encountered so far, it was a general public perception that we may loose these lakes at a faster rate. The timely interventions aiming at addressing the point and non-point source pollution and other problem areas has given a new lease of life to these lakes. A Citizens Pressure Group should actively help in preventing encroachments, Solid Wastes like Trash Canes, Water bottles etc. being thrown in the lake, pollution of its inflow and outflow channels, by conforming to normal civic behaviour. Conservation groups could be formed to oversee the future conservation efforts so that these lakes could be preserved for posterity. At a later stage and initiative “Fund your lake” could ultimately be thought off, where the people will financially participate in the conservation process and thus take over its management. .

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

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